Sunday, March 28, 2010


The last tackle….the last run…the last war. That was what I felt when I played my last game.

Football is a war. Your side against their side…good versus evil…town versus town…take no prisoners…give no quarter…never leave a mate behind blah blah blah….but it’s true. Every game I played was like preparing to jump out of a plane or go into battle…we were revved up by inspirational speeches reminiscent of Mel Gibson and his defending Scots or King Henry and his band of brothers on St Crispan’s Day…all the while a bunch of middle aged men would prowl around us exhorting our virtues; and theirs from days gone by. They lived their remaining days through our actions. We achieved our day in the sun through the sacrifices of their past deeds. A battle lust would fill us; a crescendo of noise would issue forth as we escaped the confines of the change rooms and launch our way onto the field. Arms flexed, Chests heaved, and lungs pumped as we came down from our high and every so slowly controlled our emotions and our minds and set them for the game at hand. Slow the breathing, survey the opposition, take in your opponent, assess their immediate strength and possible weakness…watch the official as the whistle slowly makes its way to his lips, his piercing scream signals game on and like a thundering mass, bodies clash and collide, the crowd noise engulfs the field, friends fall beside you as they protect and aid you…the ball slaps into your hands and you and your opponent come face to face as you smash into each other and rattle your teeth…aaah football. Blood, honour, sacrifice,

It was the best thing, other than sex, to explode your mind with endorphins and drive your heart rate through the roof. Anger was vented, frustrations unleashed, passion thrown asunder and it built to the ultimate climax…a whistle blown at full time and the tremendous coming down as your body slowly let go and unwound from the battle…then the pains and aches started but the volatility of youth had been expended and you drank a beer and reminisced about the game, in great detail, as you bonded with those that had fought beside you.